Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sisters (Terrifying Short Story)

Note from the Author: Gusto ko lang pong hilingin na kung sakaling may mga maling grammar ay sana kayo na lang po ang pumuno at umunawa dahil inaamin ko, hindi po ako ganun ka-fluent sa English written man o oral...pagpasensiyahan na lang ho ninyo...Maraming salamat po.
“Where will I hide tonight? We have no locked rooms. We are just staying in a sala converted to dining at meal times and a bedroom at night. Ading, I can’t linger anymore. I wanted to kill him. I know that any moment from now, he’ll come and at the crack of dawn, I will be again in the horrible state.
Manang, why don’t you just go home in Grandma’s house in Tuguegarao?”
“I have no money for fare, Ading. I can’t even leave you here. If he did it to me, it is apparent the he could also do it to you.”
“I know how hard you are into, Manang. I want to lend a hand but what could a nine years old, skinny and feeble child could do. You don’t know how I cried at night every time that I hear your silent sob.”
“I am only two years older than you and I could not equal his strength. We are both girls and I know, we never impede him. How I wish, Nanang will hear my cry whenever I was in such dreadful condition. How I cried for help when he forcefully rip my dress and put his huge palms in my mouth. Many times, I tried to fight him back but I always failed. He seemed enjoying hitting, slapping and punching me. He never stops until he saw blood sheds from mouth. Don’t you see I have only three teeth left in front? The pain is unbearable. Look, until now, my lips are still deformed. He already did it thrice and the hurt was always there.”
“Why don’t we report him in Police? They might help us.” 
“Help us? Perhaps they might help us but where will we get money for fare? Remember that their station is in bayan. We need to walk three kilometers before we find a jeep to take us in sentro. When Nanang went to Singapore we never had given the chance to hold even a peso. I bet that until now, you hardly see 100 peso bill.”
“No Manang, yesterday, he handed me 100 peso to buy four bottles of Gin.”
“Look, he has money for Gin and for his shabu. When Nanang left, he stopped sending us in school. We even locked inside this house except when he arrived. We are fully incarcerated in our own house.”
“How I wish, one of our cousins or any of our relatives will visit us today, Manang.”
“Who dares to come here? Our house is a little bit far from neighbors and situated in the mid of the forest.”
“But why Grandma and some of our Aunts visited us here before. Do you remember, Manang?”
“That was when Nanang was still here. Three months past I think.”
“Manang, could we not just escape and asked for help. We have neighbors there near here. They might help us.”
“Are you sure they will help us? If we tell us regarding this, he will be surely informed. He warned me not to tell this, if I will, he’ll be going to kill us both and mother could never find out what happen to us. I don’t want that to be happen. Beside those neighbors around us are fond of gossips. They will just laugh at us. The ridicules to our family will be endless especially that Nanang is not here to defend us.” 
“So what should we do? I pity you, Manang. I fear too that one of these days, he’ll also do to me what he did to you.”
“I will kill him if he’ll rape you. I will surely take his life if he’ll touch you Ading. 

Around three o’clock in the dawn, in a small yet concrete house, a muscular man, about 5’9” in height, hurriedly blew the flame of gasera. Darkness sheltered the whole dwelling. He squatted just behind the two girls tightly covered by a blanket. He patiently waited for his eyes to adopt for the night vision. The light coming from the full moon that passes from the slightly open window illuminating his eyes bursting than usual. His mouth is half open and saliva starts shedding to his chin. He removed his shirt and moved closer to the younger girl innocently enjoying her slumber. His body is shaking and his huge and rough hand violently grope the skinny yet soft and fresh flesh in front him. The younger girl awake and she managed to scream. He shut her mouth through his huge left palms while his right hand forcefully hit her in her abdomen. When she moved uncontrollably, he grabs his shirt and intensely inserted half of it in her mouth. He continuously slap and hit her. She is not given any chance to remove the shirt in her mouth because of continues smack. She was numb. She wanted to scream but the shirt that almost split her mouth forbidden her to do so. She desperately kick and hit him yet all seemed to be useless. He hit her in the face incessantly and fresh blood covered her face blended by sweat and tears.
The older girl clutched the pointed knife just above her pillow. She accumulated enough vigor before she came closer to stab the man. She never let the man rape her younger sister. She will kill him. She could not stand to see her younger sister being hurt by the crook who raped her thrice. This is the end of his evilness. All the hatred and sufferings triggered her to slay him. She never let her sister experienced the trauma she is into. She will take his life. This is the moment she was waiting for. Now is the execution of her plan.  When she is about to stab the criminal just on top of her sister, the man unintentionally moved on the right side. The knife exactly pierced her sister heart. Dark blood oozed. She was traumatized. She doesn’t know what to do next. Her whole body shook and tears started to fill her eyes. She was speechless. Her shaking hand freed the knife in her sister’s heart and tightly closed her eyes for she could not linger to witness her sister’s death.

The younger girl desperately tries to grasp her breath. It was apparent in her face the confusion why her Manang stabbed her in the heart. There must be a reason. She could hardly accept the fact that her sister killed her. She tries to ask her Manang but the cloth in her mouth impedes her to do so. Her tears flow in her bloody cheeks until her blurring vision turned out nothing.

The man was shaken and he is still for a moment. He never imagined this to happen. It seems that he was awakened in a deep slumber. He could not make a decision if he’ll escape or not. The lifeless body in front of him could hardly be explained. The effect of drugs in his system is slightly affecting his sanity still. He knew that something terrible was happening but he can not discern well how to get away from it. Because of fear that she will snatch the knife before him, he immediately grabbed and pulled it on the corpse. He fixed his eyes to the older girl silently weeping behind her sister.

The sobbing started to be audible. Instantly, she remorsefully and closely hugged her sister. She shut her sister’s open eyes. The death of her sister registered in her mind, the gasping, the confusion that apparent in her eyes, the trembling body and the shaking hand dreadfully reaching her.   She repeatedly uttered how sorry she is.
He got a terrible plan. He hated investigation and trials. He was into it and it was a dreadful experience. The memory of being incarcerated made him sick. He hated leaving at the back of rusting bars. No investigations, no trials, no incarceration and no lethal injection. He grasped tightly the knife in his right hand. He got an idea… a dreadful idea.    
The silent of the dusk is shred by a deafening and horrifying screams.

“Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! This massacre is horrible. We must call a police to investigate this, pare.”
“It seems that Tonya and Graciela were raped too before they were killed them, pare.”
“Maybe the criminals killed first their stepfather, what do you think pare.”
“You know, there are a lot of speculations. Look what happen to the eldest, Tonya has severe wounds. She soaked in her own blood. It seems that he got broken bones and a bad concussion. She’s beat real bad. You could barely identify her. Look at her face, it seems that she gone through a lot of pains. Graciela was beaten so bad in her face but she has only one serious pierce in her heart.”
“Poor children, their drug addict stepfather was not able to help them. We have to contact Bebeng in Singapore.”
“Pare, I heard that their Grandmother is leaving in Tuguegarao, we better inform her first.”
 “You know? Since their mother went to Singapore, I didn’t see Tonya and Graciela attending their class anymore.”
“All I thought they visited their Grandmother in Tuguegarao that’s why I didn’t see them here.” 
“Anyway, we better call the police and inform their relatives so that all our queries will be answered.”
 “How about Tomas? It looks like he hanged himself. We better take him down first, pare.”
“No, let the police do that. In crime like this, we don’t have to touch anything. There might be a lot of evidences here that they use in the investigation.” 


  1. kaloka sir joem! Nagtayuan balahibo ko! Grabe naman dinanas ng magkapatid :(

  2. shet nangyayari ba to sa totoong buhay kakakilabot naman.......

  3. I understand your disclaimer about possible errors in your story. If you want I could help you edit your work before posting it. Better yet, use our vernacular for easy writing and understanding. Congrats for your great stories!

    1. Yes, I could deeply and greatly feel and understand Mr. Ancheta's message in Tagalog. I could not speak and write good Tagalog though.

  4. whooo terrifying ang kwento na to kuya joemar.. kawawa naman c Tonya at Graciela..tsk...grabeng step father yan! pero yah nang yayari nman tlga to sa totoong buhay :(((

  5. mag silbi sanang aral e2 sa mga magulang na may balak umalis. tama na paghandaan ang future ng mga bata/anak, but be sure na iiwan cla sa mga taong mapagkakatiwalaan, hindi sa isa lng but sa mga kadugo at mga kaibigan na may taos pusong tumulong at may pagmamahal. kawawa ung magkapatid, ang bigat sa pakiramdam ung sinapit nila sa kanilang stepfateher na demonyo.

  6. mapa nobela or short story ay walang kupas ang galeng mo frend joemar, .at ang mas impt ay ang aral na mapupulot dito. again CONGRATZ!